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High performance individuals deserve nothing but exceptional service. Your dedicated team will guarantee your traveller their favourite seat, check them in online and pre-empt travel disruption to ensure they make it to their meeting on time.


Piloted by an Executive Team whose experience is unmatched in the industry, Lupus Travel Management works with an exclusive list of business leaders, across many industry sectors, to provide a one-stop solution that leverages the best-in-market global sourcing, service and data consolidation

The “YOU” Philosophy

At its core, Lupus Travel Management’s philosophy is to consistently deliver the finest collection of services in a manner that lets our clients know and feel that we are on their side. This means that every service we deliver is a well thought out and studied process. Our clients know that full attention has been given to all their requirements and that our commitment is to meet and exceed their travel needs and expectations at every point along the travel continuum.

Privileged Relationships

Our privileged relationships allow us to offer our customers special negotiated pricing, free upgrades, special access, added assistance & other value-added amenities. Our contracts team is constantly working very closely with Leading Airlines, Hotels, Train Companies and Car Services to source the best possible deals for our clients.


With 30 years of experience under our belts and a continued ambition to excel in whatever we do, we have built a solid and efficient business that customers have come to trust and depend on. We are fully bonded and licensed.

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